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Soundtrack of your life
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:43:42 PM »
okay, so this is one I've always been really REALLY incredibly fond of. The Soundtrack of your Life game is fun, and you get to hear all sorts of new cool music from people! There are two ways to play. The cheater way, where you fill in the songs how you want them and then the original way, where you put your music player of choice on shuffle and go from there. [I do both. XD] You can do it IC for a character you play, or just OOC for fun!

Code: [Select]
[b]-Your Theme:[/b]
[b]-Opening Credits:[/b] 
[b]-Waking Up:[/b]
[b]-Dream Reminiscence:[/b]
[b]-Average Day:[/b]
[b]-Falling In Love:[/b]
[b]-Fight Scene:[/b]
[b]-Breaking Up:[/b]
[b]-Make Up:[/b]
[b]-Secret Love:[/b]
[b]-Mysterious Stranger:[/b]
[b]-Life’s OK:[/b]
[b]-Some Enchanted Evening:[/b]
[b]-Meet Up Place:[/b]
[b]-Mental Breakdown:[/b]
[b]-Sitting In the Rain[/b]
[b]-Driving Scene: [/b]
[b]-Wedding Scene:[/b]
[b]-Happy Dance:[/b]
[b]-Childhood Memories:[/b]
[b]-Long Night Alone:[/b]
[b]-Spilt Blood: [/b]
[b]-All or Nothing:[/b]
[b]-Still Standing:[/b]
[b]-Final Battle: [/b]
[b]-Death Scene:[/b]
[b]-Funeral Song:[/b]
[b]-Final Ending:[/b]
[b]-End Credits:[/b]
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Re: Soundtrack of your life
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2014, 05:22:37 AM »
OOC because why not.

-Your Theme: Over The Future - DJ Sa9 feat. MAKI
-Opening Credits: Snowman from Mother 3 - Nintendo
-Waking Up: Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows - Homestuck
-Dream Reminiscence: Mamma Mia - ABBA/Meryl Streep
-Average Day: Unstoppable Energy - Furries in a Blender
-Falling In Love: Kids in America - Len
-Fight Scene: Xepher Light and Darkness Dragon REMIX - SOUND VOLTEX
-Breaking Up: Greenback Boogie - Ima Robot
-Make Up: Diamond Lets try to Sing Ver.- DJ YOSHITAKA
-Secret Love: Let Me Hear You Shout - Joe Rodgers
-Mysterious Stranger: Cruel Dilemme III (Guit. A) - Shiro Sagisu
-Life’s OK: Brown Eyes - Lady Gaga
-Some Enchanted Evening: Reflections - Daft Punk
-Meet Up Place: Fever - Sota. F feat. Carol Gadsden
-Mental Breakdown: Tile Path - Kikiyama (well that's ironic considering it's Yume Nikki)
-Sitting In the Rain:Derezzed - Daft Punk
-Driving Scene: Insane in the Brain vs Spooky - Cypress Hill vs Classics IV
-Wedding Scene: Believe Your Mind - MINT
-Flashback: Choo Choo - Truxton
-Happy Dance: Treasure Planet - Adraen
-Childhood Memories: Encounter - Keiji Kawamori
-Regretting: Cover My Eyes - The Birthday Massacre
-Long Night Alone: Drill Smasher - REDALiCE
-Spilt Blood: The Story Begins - SADA&Sota
-All or Nothing: Shut Down Everything (Negaren RMX) - The Quick Brown Fox
-Still Standing: Getting into the Jam - Electric Six
-Final Battle: The Eyes of Tomorrow - Broken Iris
-Death Scene: Sector Z from Starfox Assault - Nintendo
-Funeral Song: Microsleep - Osamu Sato (...I...what.)
-Final Ending: Get Bent - Renard
-End Credits: Vegas Palace from F-Zero GX - Nintendo

Ah yes, a perfect lesson in my terrible music collection of hoarded soundtracks and whatever the hell this is...
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Soundtrack of your life
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2018, 01:44:39 AM »
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